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Examination Guidelines

A. Continuous Evaluation through LMS-

Continuous Evaluation have 25% weightage in assessments. After completing the above learning activities the student would get access to the subject wise assignments.

Particular A1 (Objective Type) A2 (Subjective Type) A3 (Discussion Forum)
Weightage% 10% 10% 5%
Marks 100 100 100
Passing Score 40 40 40
(10 out of 25 is Passing at Subject Level) Passing 40% at Subject Level

Assignment 1 - MCQ Based Objective Type Questions

  • The Assignment 1 would be conducted through the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Students should submit the aadhar credentials for accessing the assignments through OTP verification process
  • The student would get 50 random questions of 2 marks each (100 marks)
  • The said assignments are based on the course outcome for every subject. After clicking the timer is set at 1 hour and student need to attempt all 50 questions
  • Passing criteria is 40% in Assignment 1
  • The system evaluates the objective assignments and displays the scores to the students
  • In case the student is not able to achieve the 40% criteria the student has to re-attempt the said assignment

Assignment 2 - Subjective Assessment

  • The subjective assignments are based on the course outcome for every subject
  • Students should submit the aadhar credentials for accessing the assignments through OTP verification process
  • There would be 5 questions of 20 marks each (Long Answers)
  • The questions would be based on the course outcome and a rubric would be displayed to the student for the same
  • The students would need to download the questionnaire from LMS and upload the response sheet on LMS

Assignment 3 – Discussion Forum for every Subject

  • The student should attend the discussion forum scheduled for every subject
  • There would be one discussion forum per subject scheduled for every subject which would be part of continuous evaluation
  • Every graded discussion forum for a subject would be of 100 marks, as scheduled on website calendar
  • The said discussion forum would be scheduled within the learning period available for the students
  • Passing criteria is 40%

Evaluation of Subjective Assignment -

  • Assignment 2 – Subject Evaluation by the Faculty:
  • The faculty would evaluate the assignments and assign scores to the said assignment for clear cases that is 10% or less than 10% of similarity limit of response content shared by the student

Grading System -

  • At the end of all evaluation components based on the performance of the student, each student is awarded based on absolute grading system. As per the UGC norms, the list of absolute grades and its connotation are given below:
Grade Grade Points Range
O (Outstanding) 10 85 100
A+ (Excellent) 9 80 < 85
A (Very Good) 8 65 < 80
B+ (Good) 7 60 < 65
B (Above Average) 6 50 < 60
C (Average) 5 45 < 50
P (Pass) 4 40 < 45
F (Fail) 0 <40 -
AB (Absent) 0 - -

B. Semester End Examinations-

  • The semester end examinations have 75% weightage
  • Based on the academic calendar of the university, the exam form would be opened through the website
  • The university controller of exams declares the exam date sheet on various programs offered by the university
  • The students must book their slots and submit the exam form during this period for the forthcoming exam cycle. Refer Academic Calendar
  • Students should successfully submit all their assignments before the semester end exams

Examinations Conduction-

  • University will conduct online proctored examinations. The details of exams would be communicated well in advance to students on their registered email id
  • Online exams would be mix of questions (Objective Type – 54 Questions with 1 mark each – Total 54 marks) and 3 subjective questions (7 marks each – Total 21 marks) Total 75 Marks
  • The duration for exams would be of 1 hour 30 minutes
  • The student would be provided with user id and password before the online exams starts on the students registered email id
  • Results are declared within 30 days from last date of exam. Mark sheets would be generated with 15 days from date of declaration of result


  • Every subject would have continuous evaluation and semester end examination
  • Weightage on every subject: Continuous Evaluation : 25% and Semester End Exams : 75%
  • The continuous evaluation would be done through the learning management system, while the semester end examinations would be conducted at university exam centers
  • The university follows the grading system for evaluation purpose please refer the university website for the same
  • The semester end exams information would be mentioned on university website and the same would be communicated to students well in advance
  • The score of Objective type of assignment (A1) would be displayed immediately after the assignments are submitted at the respective assignment tab in LMS as the same is system evaluated
  • The score of Subjective assignment (A2) would be displayed at respective assignment tab in LMS only after the faculty has evaluated the scores
  • The score of Graded Discussion Forum (A3) would be displayed at respective assignment tab in LMS only after the faculty has evaluated the scores